Misty Dawn on Charles Bridge, Prague

About this Painting

Prague is one of my favourite European cities and I was fortunate enough to visit on business a few years ago.  This scene is based on a series of photographs taken from Charles Bridge.   Looking east you can see the old town with the 14th century bridge tower, the dome of the Church of St. Francis Seraphicus, and the numerous other towers.  On this occasion, the morning mist was rising off the River Vlatava, causing the sun to cast a yellow haze.

Charles Bridge is famous for its 30 statues and here St. Anthony of Padua is the nearest on the left and St. Francis is on the right, along with his two angels.

Copyright © Richard Harpum

Size of original: 14" x 18" (36cm x 46cm)

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Painting Reference Number: 144

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Painting - Misty Dawn on Charles Bridge, Prague

Misty Dawn on Charles Bridge, Prague

by Richard Harpum MA

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