Buy Art

Buy Art

There are two options if you would like to buy any of my paintings:


  • Prices are shown in GB Pounds, US Dollars and Euros. You can also see prices in Australian Dollars, Canadian Dollars and Japanese Yen on my print-on-demand pages. 
  • Prices in US Dollars and Euros are those used by me on this web site and are fixed on an annual basis.
  • However, if there are wild swings in exchange rates during the year, I reserve the right to change them or to offer a better deal if it is to the buyer's advantage with purchasing artwork in a non-UK currency.
  • Prices on my print-on-demad site fluctuate in line with prevailing exchange rates, so can vary on a daily basis, including in GB Sterling.  Prices shown for original paintings will therefore differ from those shown on the main painting pages on this site.


There are several payment options:

  • Our preferred payment method is through PayPal.  Please note that you do not need a PayPal account in order to pay in this way.
  • Payment by cheque within the UK. However, delivery will not be made until the cheque is cleared.
  • Payment by bank transfer in the UK, US or Europe. Please contact the artist to make arrangements to do this. Delivery will not be made until the funds are cleared.
  • Cash paid directly to me. This is a common method of payment at art shows, especially for smaller purchases. 


  • A Studio Proof canvas print is a giclée print on canvas that is hand-embellished by the artist using the same medium as the original painting (usually acrylic), signed, numbered and then coated in 3 layers of UV-resistant varnish. It is then mounted on stretchers ready for framing.
  • Giclée printing is an advanced form of ink jet printing that applies a wide range of coloured inks that are designed to be light-fast for at least 75 years.